Monday, October 12, 2015

Court Schedules Hearing on Balad Burn Pit Dispute

The Court has scheduled a hearing of the Balad Burn Pit dispute for January 19, 2016. Order [285]  Previously the Court stated, "The parties have not yet reached agreement on the identity of the burn pits subject to jurisdictional discovery. Plaintiffs allege KBR operated 100 burn pits, while KBR asserts it operated burn pits at 30 bases (and only at certain times). ... [T]he parties and the United States believe that resolution of this larger base-number dispute will likely narrow the scope of the litigation and discovery."  Order [273]

A consolidated lawsuit is now proceeding ahead in the US District Court against KBR, a government contractor. The lawsuit alleges that KBR, exposed American service members and private civilian contract workers to dangerous and toxic fumes from its unauthorized use of open-air surface burn pits. The exposed individuals and their families  brought a lawsuit against KBR for its allegedly improper use of the burn pits and for failing to warn veterans and civilians of the hazards of being exposed. 

The cases allege that prolonged exposure to the burn pits' smoke, ash and fumes that may have resulted in chronic diseases, risk of future illness and death. The lawsuit alleges that KBR burned large amounts of unsorted waste, including hazardous waste, medical waste, and human waste, at military facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The cases In re KBR Inc, Burn Pit Litigation, have been consolidated, and are venued in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Greenbelt Division, before Judge Roger W. Titus.