Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lawmakers Want Answers on the Effects of Iraq and Afghanistan’s Burn Pits

Representatives in the US Senate and Congress have expanded their focus on the Veterans Administration's treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan war medical benefits and in particular the residuals of burn bit exposures. Today's post is shared from defenseone.com

The Obama administration prides itself on righting the sins of past regimes, including expanding access to health care for Vietnam veterans who suffered from exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange.

But veterans groups worry the administration is on track to repeat past mistakes by refusing thousands of disability claims that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans say are related to breathing toxic fumes from open burn pits—which were used for years to discard everything from trash and human waste to vehicles and batteries.

The Veterans Affairs Department finally opened a congressionally mandated online registry for burn-pit victims late last month, and lawmakers are starting to look at how to move forward on helping veterans who believe their illnesses—ranging from bronchitis to cancer—are tied to exposure to the fumes.

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