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3rd International Scientific Symposium on Lung Health after Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan

3rd International Scientific Symposium on Lung Health after 
Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan 
June 2, 2014  
Anthony M. Szema, M.D. 
Program Chair and Course Director 

Educational Objectives 

Upon completion, participants should be able to: 
-Understand that new‐onset respiratory symptoms after particulate matter exposure is real 
-Learn about animal and in vitro models of disease 
-Learn about methods to detect titanium and metals in the lung 

3rd International Scientific Symposium on Lung Health 
after Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan 
Monday, June 2, 2014 

8:00-8:30am Registration and Breakfast 

8:30-8:45 Opening Remarks, Anthony Szema, M.D., Program Chair 

8:45-9:00 Update on Burn Pit Research Centers of Excellence Legislation, Congressman Tim 
Bishop, M.P.A. 

9:00-9:20 Department of Veterans Affairs Burn Pit Regstry, Paul Ciminera, M.D., MPH, 

9:20-9:40 New Studies of Dust from Deployment Zones, Captain Mark Lyles, U.S. Naval War 
College, Iraq and Afghanistan Dust Studies 
9:40-10:00 Cases of Respiratory Disease Post Deployment, Robert Bumgarner, M.D., (Capt., 

USN, Ret.), Leidos Corporation 

10:00-10:35 BREAK 

10:35-10:55 Update on the Denver Post Deployment Lung Registry, Richard Meehan, M.D. or 
designee, National Jewish Health 

10:55-11:15 Models of Iraq Afghanistan War Lung Injury, Anthony Szema, M.D., Stony Brook 

11:15-11:35 Burnpits 360 Database Analysis, Laura Veins, M.D., MPH and Bhumika Patel, 
M.D., Stony Brook 

11:35-12:00pm Geoscience Studies of Dust-Induced Inflammation, Andrea Harrington, Ph.D., New 
York University 

12:00-1:00 pm LUNCH 

1:00-1:20 Synchrotron Techniques to Analyze Metal in Lung, Antonio Lanzrotti, Ph.D., 
University of Chicago, Argonne National Lab Synchrotron Studies 

1:20-1:40pm Allergic Asthma in the Middle East, Jonathan Li, B.S., Three Village Allergy & 

1:40-2:00 Epidemiology of the Millennium Study, Joseph Abraham, ScD, Ph.D., US Army 
Public Health Command 

2:00-2:20 Clinic Cases, Thomas Kennedy, M.D., Georgia Regents University, Medical 
College of Georgia 

2:20-2:45 Break 

2:45-3:00 Beyond the New England Journal of Medicine Study, Robert Miller, M.D., 
Vanderbilt University 

3:00-3:20 Case Report, Rachel Knipe, M.D., Harvard University 

3:20-4:00 Questions, Answers and Discussion 
Continuing Medical Education Credits 

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