Monday, December 16, 2013

Forward Operating Base Sharana: Poor Planning and Construction Resulted in $5.4 Million Spent for Inoperable Incinerators and Continued Use of Open-Air Burn Pits

US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction reports Poor Planning  and Construction Resulted in $5.4 Million Spent  for Inoperable Incinerators and Continued Use of  Open-Air Burn Pits.

"Nearly 3 years after the initial scheduled completion date for the incinerator facility at FOB
Open Burn Pit Emissions
Sharana, the incinerators have never been used. In spite of known construction and safety deficiencies and poor contractor performance leading to construction delays, USACE accepted possession of the incinerators and paid the contractor $5.4 million without having tested the incinerators to determine whether they were operational. In addition, even if the incinerators had been made operational, the poor physical layout of the facility, as constructed, would have limited the facility to only 80 percent of the processing capacity called for under the contract and would have required extensive manual labor to load waste and remove ash residue.

"SIGAR has previously raised concerns regarding instances in which USACE failed to hold its contractors accountable for not accomplishing work they were paid to perform. SIGAR continues to believe that USACE must take immediate action to hold contractors accountable when they fail to deliver on their contractual commitments.

"If the incinerator facility had been put into operation in August 2010, as planned, FOB Sharana would have been able to close its open-air burn pit. However, because of the delays and eventual acceptance of an unusable incinerator facility, base personnel faced continued exposure to potentially hazardous emissions, and $5.4 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars could have been put to better use.