Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Proposed Burn Pit Registry Questionnaire Published on the Internet

A purported copy of the the proposed Open Burn Pit Registry Airborne Hazard Web-accessible Self-Assessment/ Questionnaire was been published on the Internet. 
Proposed Open Burn Pit Registry Questionnaire

This follows the announcement on June 3, 2013  by the Veterans Administration (VA) that it is accepting public comments concerning the establishment of Burn Pit Registry mandated by Congress. The Registry is supposed to be operational in January 2014.

The questionnaire will request information about the following cancers:

01 Bladder 
02 Blood 
03 Bone 
04 Brain 
05 Breast 
06 Cervix 
07 Colon 
08 Esophagus 
09 Gallbladder 
10 Kidney 
11 Larynx-windpipe 
12 Leukemia 
13 Liver 
14 Lung 
15 Lymphoma 
16 Melanoma 
17 Mouth/tongue/lip 
18 Ovary 
19 Pancreas 
20 Prostate 
21 Rectum 
22 Skin (non-melanoma) 
23 Skin (DK what kind) 
24 Soft tissue (muscle or fat) 
25 Stomach 
26 Testis 
27 Throat - pharynx 
28 Thyroid 
29 Uterus 

It will also inquire concerning the following respiratory issues:

1. Cough for more than 3 weeks
2. Sputum or phlegm production
3. Wheezing or whistling in the chest
4. Shortness of breath; breathlessness
5.Decreased ability to exercise
6.Hay fever or other respiratory allergy
7. Sore throat, hoarseness, or change in voice
8. Chest pain, chest discomfort or chest tightness
9. Chronic sinus infection/sinusitis

The VA has been mandated by Congress to establish a Burn Pit Registry to monitor those in military service who may have been exposed to toxic agents as a result of burn pit exposures while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Written comments and recommendations on the proposed collection of information should be received on or before August 5, 2013."