Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leaked Memo Reported of Afghan Burn Pit Health Dangers

Wired has reported an allegedly  unclassified military "Leaked Memo" dated April 15, 2011 that indicates that the troops may suffer long term health issues as a result of breathing the fumes and dust from burn pits on military bases. 

Click here to read more: Leaked Memo - Afghan 'Burn Bit' Could Wreck Troops' Hearts, Lungs 5.22.12.

"The memo’s findings contradict years of U.S. military assurances that the burn pits are no big deal. An Army memo from 2008 about the burn pit at Iraq’s giant Balad air base, titled, 'Just The Facts,” found “no significant short- or long-term health risks and no elevated cancer risks are likely among personnel” (.pdf). A 2004 fact sheet from the Pentagon’s deployment health library — and still available on its website — informed troops that the high particulate matter in the air at Bagram “should not cause any long-term health effects.'"

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