Saturday, April 30, 2011

Increase in Military Illnesses Over the Last Decade

A military report released on Friday reflects an increase in neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular illness of soldiers. A Medical Surveillance Monthly Report issued by the US Military reports an in crease in neurological disorders from 9,688 in 2001 to 32, 667 in 2010. Likewise there was an increase in cardiovascular disorders from 68,520 in 2001 to 91,013 in 2010.

An analysis in USA Today indicates that, "Doctors, researchers and environmental experts, both civilian and military, believe open burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan may be partly to blame. Most of the pits in Iraq — one of which burned 240 tons of Styrofoam, plastic water bottles, diesel engines and computer parts along with other trash every day — have been shut down since Congress demanded it, but new ones have been created to get rid of troop waste in Afghanistan."

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