Sunday, November 28, 2010

Veterans Seek Help for Burn Pit Health Claims

The Tampa Tribune has produced a video report concerning burn pit health claims and the plight of veterans seeking medical care and compensation. The veterans seek transparency and benefits following their exposures to burn pit fumes and dust in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The report describes the efforts of Frazier, an ill veteran, who has sought benefits and is party in a lawsuit against the military contractors who were allegedly responsible for the exposures. 

" Frazier is one of more than 300 vets who have joined a class action lawsuit against contractors paid by the military to regulate the burn pits. -- complete transparency of the entire thing. Frazier struggled with the decision to join the lawsuit ..."

lawsuit was filed alleging that KRB, Inc.
(NYSE KRB) endangered the health and safety of American soldiers in
Iraq and Afghanistan by exposing them to huge quantities of toxic 
dust, fumes and other air pollution by burning unsorted waste in vast 
open-air pits without any safety controls.

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