Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Known Iraq & Afghanistan Burn Pit Locations

Breathing dust, fumes and other and other toxic substances, exposed troops deployed overseas, and those who worked for government contractors abroad and other civilians, to a serious hazards. Some of the chemicals were very toxic carcinogens and are deadly.

Known Burn Pit Locations
Exposure Site Site City Site State/Province Site Country
Bagram Airfield Bagram Parvan Afghanistan
Camp Bastion Lashkar Gah Helmand Afghanistan
Camp Dwyer Garmsir Helmand Afghanistan
Camp Eggers Kabul Kabul Afghanistan
Camp Kabul Kabul Kabul Afghanistan
Camp Phoenix Kabul Kabul Afghanistan
Camp Spann Mazar-e Sharif Balkh Afghanistan
COP Bak Bak Khowst Afghanistan
COP Tere Zayi Tere Zayi Khowst Afghanistan
FOB Airborne Kane-Ezzat Vardak Afghanistan
FOB Asadabad Asadabad Konar Afghanistan
FOB Chapman Khost Khowst Afghanistan
FOB Ghazni Ghazni City Ghazni Afghanistan
FOB Maimaneh Maimaneh Faryab Afghanistan
FOB Orgun-E Orgune Paktika Afghanistan
FOB Qalat Qalat Zabul Afghanistan
FOB Ramrod Malwand Kandahar Afghanistan
FOB Salerno Khowst Khowst Afghanistan
FOB Shank Gardez Lowgar Afghanistan
FOB Sharana Sharana Paktika Afghanistan
FOB Shindand Sabzawar Herat Afghanistan
FOB Tarin Kowt Tarin Kowt Uruzgan Afghanistan
FOB Walton Kandahar Kandahar Afghanistan
ISAF HQ Kabul Kabul Afghanistan
Kandahar Airfield Kandahar Kandahar Afghanistan
FOB Fenty Jalalabad Nangarhar Afghanistan
Camp Lemonier Djibouti DJ Djibouti
Al Asad Airbase Al Asad Al-Anbar Iraq
Al Taqaddrum Airbase Al Habbaniyah Al-Anbar Iraq
Ali Air Base Nasiniyah Dhi-Qar Iraq
Baghdad Central Prison Abu Ghraib Baghdad Iraq
Cam Scania`Nippur Nippur Al-Quadisyyah Iraq
Camp Anderson Al Diwaniyah Al-Quadisyyah Iraq
Camp Ashram Ashraf Diyela Iraq
Camp Babylon Al Hillah Babil Iraq
Camp Baharla Fallujah An-Anbar Iraq
Camp Bucca Umm Qasr Al-Basrah Iraq
Camp Corregidor Ramadi Al-Anbar Iraq
Camp Delta Al Kut Wasit Iraq
Camp Dogwood Al Iskandariyah Babil Iraq
Camp Falcon Baghdad Baghdad Iraq
Camp Fallujah Fallujah Al-Anbar Iraq
Camp Freedom I Baghdad Diyela Iraq
Camp Hope Al Diweniyah Al-Quadisyyah Iraq
Camp Independence Baghdad Baghdad Iraq
Camp Korean Village Ar Rutbah Al-Anbar Iraq
Camp Manhattan Al Habbanlyah Al-Anbar Iraq
Camp Ramadi Ramadi Al-Anbar Iraq
Camp Rustamiyah Sadr City Baghdad Iraq
Camp Shield Baghdad Baghdad Iraq
Camp Taji Taji Baghdad Iraq
CamPpCannon Husaybah Al-Anbar Iraq
COB Basra Basra Al-Basrah Iraq
COB Spector Tikrit Salah ad-Din Iraq
COP Meade Zambraniyah Baghdad Iraq
FOB Bernstein Tuz Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Brassfeld-Mora Samarra Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Caldwell Kirkuk Kirkuk Iraq
FOB Courage Mosul Ninawa Iraq
FOB Danger Tikrit Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Duke Najaf An-Najaf Iraq
FOB Echo Al Diwaniyah Al-Quadisyyah Iraq
FOB Gabe Baqubah Diyela Iraq
FOB Hammer Baghdad Baghdad Iraq
FOB Hit Ramadi Al-Anbar Iraq
FOB Hotel Najar An-Najaf Iraq
FOB Kalsu Iskandariya Babil Iraq
FOB Lima Karbala Al-Karbala Iraq
FOB Loyalty Ramadi Al-Anbar Iraq
FOB Marez Mosul Ninawa Iraq
FOB McKenzie Samarra Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Mercury Abu Ghraib Baghdad Iraq
FOB Normandy Muqdadiyah Diyala Iraq
FOB Peliwoda Balad Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Q-West Qayyarah Ninawa Iraq
FOB Scunion Baquba Diyala Iraq
FOB St, Michael Mahmudiya Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Summerall Baiji Salah ad-Din Iraq
FOB Sykes Tal Afar Ninawa Iraq
FOB Ubeydi Al Ubaydi Al-Anbar Iraq
Green Zone Baghdad Baghdad Iraq
Haditha Dam Haditha Al-Anbar Iraq
Joint Base Balad Balad Salah ad-Din Iraq
Joint Security Station McHenry Hewijah Kkirkuk Iraq
JSS Al Awad Al Awad Dhi-Qar Iraq
JSS Tarmiyah Tarmiyah Baghdad Iraq
JSS Thrasher Ghazaliya Baghdad Iraq
Kirkuk Air Base Kirkuk Kirkuk Iraq
Mosul Air Base Mosul Ninawa Iraq
Victory Base Complex Baghdad Baghdad Iraq
Ali Al Salam Air Force Base Ali Al Salam AFB Al Jahra Kuwait
Camp Arifjan Kuwait City Al Asimah Kuwait
Camp BuehringUDAIRI Udairi Al Jahra Kuwait
Camp Coyote Camp Coyote Al Jahra Kuwait
Camp Doha Ad Dawhah Al Jahra Kuwait
Camp New York Udairi Al Jahra Kuwait
Camp Spearhead Shuaiba Al Ahmadi Kuwait
Kuwait Naval Base Al Julaia Al Ahmadi Kuwait
Al Udeid Air Base Doha Ad-Dawhah Qatar
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