Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Problems Revealed With "Burn Pits"

New facts are emerging from several law suits that have been filed claiming that military contractors are responsible for the hazardous use of burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. The litigation alleges that the contractors negligently utilized burn pits to improperly dispose of  toxic waste causing military personnel and civilian contractors to be exposed and suffer illness. 

It is alleged that the military contractors negligently burned  lithium batteries, petroleum, asbestos, trucks, cars, paint, plastic, Styrofoam, and medical waste including human limbs. Until recently, the US Department of Dense was unresponsive to inquiries concerning the hazards.

An Air Force memo in 2006 revealed that senior officials were warned of the hazards. A recent investigative report reveals "...that lithium batteries, petroleum, asbestos, trucks, cars, paint, plastic, Styrofoam, medical waste including human limbs" were being burned in the pits." "“It is amazing that the burn pit has been able to operate without restrictions over the past few years without significant engineering controls being put in place.” 

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