Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oregon Soldiers Sickened by Exposure to Hexavalant Chromium from KKR-Halliburton Burn Pits

More soldiers are now being reported as ill from exposure to chemicals at burn pits in Iraq. The exposure to hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen, is alleged to have sickened Oregon National Guard troops who have returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Over 270 National Guard members have been notified by the US government that they have been exposed to hexavalent chromium. They have been encouraged to enroll in the Gulf War Registry, a list of ill solders numbering over 112,500 soldiers who suffer from illnesses as a result of their deployment to Iraq.

Law suits filed against KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton. KBR has been  charged with exposing the National Guard troops to hexavalent chromium in Iraq and concealing the hazards of the exposure. Apparently fleeing soldiers of Iraq army dumped the orange colored carcinogen on the ground. During the cleanup phase of the operation the National Guard troops war assigned to guard the local cleanup contractors who had rushed to the battlefields who were attempting to secure the Iraqi oil fields and protect their operations during the recovery phase of the operation.

The emerging litigation charges KBR contractors with deliberately withholding information about the dangers of the chemical exposures from the National Guard troops. Soldiers, and some of their surviving family members, from Indiana, South Carolina, and West Virginia have initiated litigation as a result of their exposures that have case them breathing, stomach problems and death.

The US Army, after Congressional hearings, has announced that they will be investigating the hexavalent chromium exposures further. In the meantime, the ill soldiers have sought medical relief from VA Administration as they and their families struggle with the disease.

Know Burn Pit Sites at Issue in Law Suits

Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq
Camp Adder, Talil Air Base, Iraq
Al Asad Air Base, Iraq
Ali Air Base (formerly Talil Air Base)
Al Quo, Iraq
Al-Sahra, Iraq aka Camp Speicher
Camp Al Taji, IQ (Army Airfield)
Al Taqaddum, Iraq (Ridgeway)
Camp or LSA Anaconda, Iraq
Camp Anderson, Iraq
FOB Andrea
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait(Camden Yards)
Camp Ar Ramadi, Iraq
Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Iraq
Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan
Balad Air Base, Iraq
Baqubah, Iraq (See Warhorse)
Camp Bastion Airfield, Afghanistan
Camp Bucca, Iraq
FOB Caldwell, Kirkuk, Iraq
Camp Cedar I and I, Talil Air Base, Iraq
Camp Chesty, Iraq
Camp Courage, Mosul, Iraq
Camp Cropper, Iraq
Camp Delta, Al Kut, Iraq
FOB Delta, Al Kut, Iraq
Diwaniya, Iraq
Djibouti, Africa
Camp Echo, Diwaynia, Iraq
FOB Endurance - Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base
Fallujah, Iraq
FOB Fenty, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
FOB Hammer a/k/a Butler Range
FOB Freedom, Kirkuk, Iraq
FOB Gabe, Baqubah, Iraq
Former FOB Gains Mills
Camp Geiger, Iraq
Green Zone or International Zone, Iraq
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kalsu, Iraq
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Kirkuk, Iraq
Kut Al Hayy Airbase, Iraq
Camp Liberty, Iraq (aka Camp Trashcan)
Camp Loyalty, Iraq
FOB Marez, Mosul, Iraq
FOB McHenry
COB Meade, Camp Liberty, Iraq
Mosul, Iraq
Navstar, Iraq
Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait
Doha, Qatar
Q-West, Iraq - Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base
Camp Ridgeway, Iraq (Al Taquaddum)
Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq
FOB Salerno, Afghanistan
Camp Scania, Iraq
Scania, Iraq
Camp Shield, Baghdad, Iraq
Camp Speicher, Iraq aka Al Sahra Airfield (formerly FOB)
Camp Stryker, Iraq
FOB Sykes, Iraq (Tall' Afar)
Taji, Iraq
Tall’ Afar, Iraq
Talil Air Base, Iraq (now is Ali Air Base)
Camp Victory, Iraq
FOB Warhorse, Baqubah, Iraq
FOB Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq