Thursday, April 30, 2009

Halliburton-KBR Sued For Endangering Military Contractors

A series of lawsuits were filed against military contractors including KBR and its former parent Halliburton for endangering workers and troops by burning mixed trash, ie. plastics and medical waste, in open pits. The alleged exposures occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Nine new lawsuits allege that KBR, Inc.jeopardized the health and safety of American soldiers and contractors in Iraqand Afghanistan by burning vast quantities of unsorted waste in enormousopen-air burn pits with no safety controls."

According to the complaints, "U.S. soldiers and other residents of the military bases and camps have become seriously ill, been diagnosed withserious and potentially fatal diseases and in some cases have died from thephysical injuries and diseases caused by the exposure to hazardous smoke and fumes."

Cases were filed by Elizabeth M. Burke Burke O'Neil LLC, a litigation boutique specializing in complex and class action litigation.